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Charity Donations July 20, 2010

Posted by Sandy Wager in Charity Donations.

Charity Donations

I have so many requests to donate a painting to a charity function that I have now had to limit this to 3 per year.

This is sad for me to do as I would love to give as much as I can to help these charities  but the costs to me are crippling.

For a start, there is the cost of the canvas, the frame, the paints, brushes, travel/fuel/postage costs to deliver the work and most of all, my time.

It takes me between 7 days and up to 5 weeks to complete a painting, working 3-6 hours a day. That is  lot of unpaid time. I do not intend to be mean but that adds up to approx 35 hours per week at £10.00p per hour excluding the costs of materials. So……….I now have a Charity Donation Consent/Agreement form. Here it is :-


Thank you for the opportunity to donate art to your organization.  Sandy Wager would be honored to have her artwork and her name associated with yours.

Due to the extremely heavy volume of requests from many important charities, I have developed guidelines that enable us to donate artwork at less than retail cost.

These requirements also help me reduce losses since current U.K. tax laws are unfavorable to artist donations.  (There is little to no write-off for artwork.)

Please consider that by offering these terms for all artist donations, your organization will:  Attract top quality, high value artwork; and over time, will become known as the go-to-organization for unique and valuable art.

My donation guidelines are:

  • The organization agrees to split the proceeds from the sale or auction 50/50 (50% to Sandy Wager and 50% to the organization).  I ask for payment within 5 business days of the sale.  The name, address, phone and e-mail of the buyer will be provided to Sandy Wager for her “collector’s club” records.
  • A minimum or a reserve price will be set and will be designated by Sandy Wager.  (This is required to honor the value of the artwork for our existing collectors and our partner galleries.)
  • In the event the artwork does not sell, it will be returned by the organization to Sandy Wager’s studio in Plymouth, U.K, within 9 business days.

If these guidelines are agreeable to you, please sign below and return this form via e-mail to sandy_wager@msn.com

We agree to the above terms:

Name, Title______________________  Date ___________________

If you are an artist please feel free to copy and paste the above form  for your own use.