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All About Me February 17, 2010

Posted by Sandy Wager in All About Me.
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My name is Sandy Wager. I live in Plymouth, Devon, UK

I only began to paint at Christmas 2007 when my hubby gave me the wonderful gift of an art set.

The year before this was a miserable year as I had been medically retired and had to give up my Housekeeping business. I felt quite depressed during this year, not knowing what to do, how to keep myself occupied, etc

I  soon began playing in a virtual world, no, not second-life, and before I knew it I was playing this game for up to 18 hours a day. I never went out and I had totally lost interest in real people.

The art set woke me up and gave me a feeling of exitement and a need to explore and test my skills.

My very 1st painting,  ‘A Day At The Seaside’  received many wonderful compliments…..motivation kicked in at a speed of knots!

All I want to say is, if YOU are in a rut or feeling depressed , go get yourself an art set or some colouring pencils and fresh new paper and make some marks or drawings. I know you may say you cannot draw for toffees but find your own style and keep trying. Keep all the sketches etc somewhere safe and look back at them in a few months time and see your own progress. Look at art sites on the web and see what other people are painting. Believe that you are as good or even better than them!

Art is my medicine because it now encourages me to venture out to the local art galleries and to get involved with other local artists. I have a new lease of life all because of my hubby’s Christmas gift!

In this moment of my life I now run 2 FaceBook art groups. One for my local art friends and the other for world-wide art friends. I have also been accepted as a member of the Association of British Naive Artists!

I spend at least 25 hours a week painting and another 25 hours a week marketing my art and marketing other artists artworks.

I have my own website and I submit my art to as many galleries/exhibitions as I can. Yes, I get turned down a lot but that will not stop me from trying again.



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